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“Photographs are my attempt to pause time, to hold onto unique and unrepeatable moments before the moment slips away, the memory fades and dulls over time, and all that we’re left with is that single cherished photograph” - Santie Korf

Hi, I'm Santie, and I love creating portraits for people.

Photographer & Creative | Entrepreneur | Storyteller | Explorer | Wine Snob | Wife & Mom to 4-paw girl

I CREATE exceptional imagery that you can use to CONNECT with your audience, while CELEBRATING the best version of you and your company. You may think that you aren't photogenic or that you hate having your photo taken – Don’t worry! I assure you, I take the stress out of having your photos taken, leaving you with remarks like: "WOW, that is ME! I look so beautiful!" A photo shoot with me is easy, fun and an experience. Should it be Branding session for an Entrepreneur or for a Corporate company, or if you need photos of your important event – every click is considered as important. Leave it to me, I will handle it professionally and efficiently, leaving you with images you’ll love and proudly share with clients, colleagues and friends.

Create. Connect. Celebrate.

As most of fellow Gen X’s, growing up with the generally accepted mindset that you need to have a steady job and stick to it, I started my career in the professional world, committed to juggling work with family time. I worked as Dietician, medical representative for multi-national Pharmaceutical companies and Sales Engineer at ABB SA.

After 20 years I broke away and called the corporate world farewell. Being told by family and friends that I have “a good eye” for photography, I attended multiple courses, developing my photography and business skills. Loving to tell picture stories, I covered a wide range of genres, like weddings, lifestyle and corporate photography.

While networking and working with entrepreneurs and corporate companies, I realized the pressing need for Personal and Corporate Branding photography - to effectively tell the stories, reflecting the brands and to build trust with audiences.

And I did it!! I took the exciting step to refocus my photography business. Now I tell picture stories of Entrepreneurs and companies that authentically want to communicate their personality, uniqueness, and professionalism to their customers and peers!

Fun facts about me:

Traveling makes me incredibly happy and I will go anywhere in our beautiful South Africa, and the world, for leisure or for your photo shoot.

Although I believe that exercise is important, you will not find me in a gym, and I do not run! But I love my early morning walks and will easily walk 7 – 10 km for up to 5 days a week.

We LOVE to braai!

Where can you leave me and forget about me? A Western Cape seaside, sitting on the beach or in a quaint coffee shop or wine bar, or inland, somewhere surrounded by the mountains and vineyards. But I’m also a bushbaby, with sunrises and sunsets my favourite times of day. And of course, to spend time with family and friends around a boma fire, listen to the night music … priceless!

What my friends say behind my back:

They’ll share, in no specific order, the following (bless their souls):

  • • Loyal friend
  • • Unique creative
  • • Recognize good things in life
  • • Survivor
  • • Made for connection
  • • Help where she can
  • • Caring too much
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“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.”

Brené Brown


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